The Successful Beginnings Help Center commenced its revolutionary homeschooling movement via the web in 2009 with the simple  belief that all children need a strong foundation in their deen and deserve the right resources to transform that need, into a reality. 
SBHC offers a wide variety of classes with a focus on basic creed, and instilling the love of Allah, his Prophet SAW and our beautiful deen in to the hearts of our future generations. We hope to follow in the footsteps of the companions, and in doing so, teach our children the Quran with proper tajweed at an early age as well as the Hadith of our Prophet (SAW). 
Here in the west, Arabic is a language widely unknown and so we feel the dire need and utmost importance to teach it to our future leaders and scholars. We believe joining this program at an early age will guarantee a concrete base for your child in these fundamental subjects as well as give them an advantage in their future schooling. 
Through this program, we hope that they may acquire the key that will open doors of vast knowledge for them. 
This program also offers courses for adult sisters in Arabic and Quran so that they too can learn and one day, teach.
Web-based instruction through voice and video classes makes learning fast, enjoyable and above all, easily accessible. The benefits of this program include live instruction anywhere! All you need is an internet connection, a microphone and a speaker. 
We offer examinations to ensure that your child meets our expected learning standards as well as free books and course materials. Our class recordings offer a special advantage for personal review sessions. We also make sure that our teachers are available after class to help you and your child with any questions and concerns.  All students need to do to get started is register and they will be directed to the student portal and virtual class via a specific link which they can access using their username and password. 
We also offer instruction in Arabic and Quran on weekdays and on the weekends for adult sisters so the entire family can learn together. 
Its easy, its quick and above all, its readily available at the tips of your fingers.
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  • Course Features
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  • Support from a SBHC teacher trained in online instruction
  • Teacher led LIVE Lessons delivered in real-time and recorded for later review
  • Online texts and Course Materials
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  • Complete the registration form
  • Enroll
  • Attend the orientation class
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347.422.7242 (SBHC)

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